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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    MA of Lancaster University and the Polish Academy of Sciences

    The Centre for Social Studies offers postgraduate studies in sociology leading to the British Master of Arts (MA) diploma awarded by Lancaster University highly regarded in both Europe and the USA and the postgraduate diploma of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IFiS PAN).
    The Centre also offers its programme in a form allowing students to combine study with continued employment. In both cases programme is offered in a choice of three tracks:

    1. MA in Society and Politics
    2. MA in Economy and Society
    3. MA in Culture and Society

    In addition, our collaboration with the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences and its Graduate School for Social Research allows the Centre’s students to continue their studies to obtain the doctoral degree of IFiS PAN.
    The language of teaching is English. The programme benefits from cooperation with IFiS PAN, the leading institution for social science in Poland, and with leading international specialists from outside the Centre for Social Studies. At the same time the Sociology Department of Lancaster University is rated by the Research Assessment exercise (the British Government’s system of evaluation of academic institutions) as belonging to the small group of departments with the highest rating.
    Our students are recruited from some 20 countries all over the world (mainly from Central & Eastern Europe). Our alumni continue their academic careers both at American Universities such as UC Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, the New School for Social Research and at British Universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Lancaster, the London School of Economics as well as in their home countries. They also work for research agencies, the media, public administration and governmental bodies. Our programme, then, offers elite postgraduate education leading to a British MA degree. The fees for a complete full-time12 month intensive programme is PLN 10000 (approx. EUR 2300) or 900 PLN (approx EUR 210) monthly.
    The cost of a 18 months’ study for the same programme in less intensive form allowing study to be combined with continuing work is PLN 12000 (approx. EUR 2750) payable in 18 monthly instalments of PLN 730 (approx EUR 170). These costs in both cases are significantly lower than would be incurred if the MA programme were followed in the UK itself.
    The Centre invites applicants who have a university first degree comparable to a BA or MA degree or who will receive a degree before the 1st of October 2004 when the programme starts.
    Application deadline: 10th October 2004 (or 31st March 2004 for financial aid).
    Please visit the Centre’s website for more information: www.css.edu.pl or call us: (+48 22) 828 80 09, (+48 22) 657 28 19. Applicants may fill out an on-line application form and send it by e-mail to css@css.edu.pl or
    post to:
    The Centre for Social Studies
    Palac Staszica
    ul. Nowy Swiat 72, pok. 276
    00-330 Warszawa
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    Organization: Swiss Centre for International Agriculture (ZIL),

    Title: Research Fellow Partnership Program (RFPP) for PhD and Post-Doctoral Studies in the Fields of Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources

    Eligibility: The candidate is earning a PhD or is post-doctoral
    researcher; is
    Swiss or well established Swiss resident, or a developing/ transition
    national; is not older than 35 years for Swiss citizens, or 40 years in
    case of nationals from developing or transition countries; has some
    in the selected research area; has a true interest in development and
    shows an
    openness to the socio-economic and cultural context of the research;
    strives for gender balance, therefore female candidates are especially
    to submit a project proposal.

    Deadline: Projects can be submitted twice a year- March 31, 2004 and September 30, 2004

    Marc Zoss
    Coordinator of the RFPP
    Swiss Centre for International Agriculture (ZIL)
    Scheuchzerstrasse 7
    CH-8092 Zürich
    Phone: 1-632-53-39; Fax: 1-632-15-89
    Email: marc.zoss@agri.ethz.ch <mailto:marc.zoss@agri.ethz.ch>; Web:
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    Legal Analyst Fellowships
    The CEELI Fellows Program is currently accepting applications for 3 Legal Analyst positions, which are based in CEELI's Office of Rule of Law Research in Washington, DC
    Legal Analysts provide research and analytical
    support to 2 of CEELI's 6 Focal Areas, which
    consist of: 1) Judicial Reform, 2)Legal Profession Reform, 3) Legal Education Reform, 4) Gender Issues, 5) Anti-Corruption, and 6) Conflict Mitigation. Legal Analysts are hired as salaried ABA employees with benefits, including paid vacation and administrative leave, holidays, and medical, dental, and vision care insurance. The Legal Analyst positions run from September 1st, 2004 to August 31st, 2005. Foreign applicants are welcome, but are responsible for
    obtaining authorization to work in the United
    States. Fellow candidates must hold a law degree
    from either a US or foreign law school, and must
    be familiar with both rule of law reform and CEELI's host countries through professional, academic, or personal experiences. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 2nd, 2004.
    Please see the full position listing at
    www.abanet.org/ceeli/program/larp_fellows for more information and for
    instructions on how to apply.
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret


    Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies

    in collaboration with the University La Sapienza in Rome and the
    University of Belgrade preliminary announces that the second generation of
    the international and interdisciplinary Master Programme in "STATE MANAGEMENT AND HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS" will be launched.

    The Master programme, with English language of instruction, aims at
    providing the university graduates, including members of public and
    private bodies, with the preparation necessary to professionally deal – in
    regional, national and international institutions – with policies and
    good governance, strategic management of public, private and non-profit
    organizations, prevention and management of crisis, human security and
    human rights.

    Master's teaching staff and subjects:

    The Master's teaching staff is composed of university professors,
    experts from the diplomatic world, public and private institutions,
    international organizations, and peace-keeping forces. Most of lecturing will
    be performed by professors from University of Sarajevo, University La
    Sapienza, and University of Belgrade.

    Educational clusters are: Methodology of Research, Geopolitics,
    International organisations and international relations, Institution buildings
    and human rights, Economics, Health economics and sustainable
    environment, Humanitarian affairs and crisis management.


    Applicants are required to hold a high standard university degree, to
    be fluent in English, have good computer skills. The upper age limit of
    potential applicants is 35 years of age. There are no conditions
    regarding nationality and gender.

    For the process of selection, candidates should present for evaluation:

    - their academic record and copy of the obtained certificate of degree

    - Curriculum Vitae in English

    - a letter of motivation in English

    - certificate of proficiency in English

    The Master programme is open to 30 students. Upon the completion of
    selection process, 10 best candidates will be chosen. Those students will
    have the possibility to attend a part of the same academic programme at
    the University La Sapienza, in duration of three months.

    Planned start of the Programme: April 2004

    Diploma: The final certificate and Master’s degree in State Management
    and Humanitarian Affairs is recognised by all universities
    participating in the Programme.

    Registration fees: The student's contribution to the cost of the
    Master, inclusive of the University fee, is KM 6.000,00 (or EURO 3.070,00).
    The fees may be paid in four installments. Instructions for obtaining
    very attractive credit loan are available in our Center.

    If you are interested in this Master Programme, or want some additional
    information, please do not hesitate to contact us by March, the 1st

    Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies of the University of

    Contact person: Nejra Cengic

    Law Faculty building, Obala Kulina bana 7/I

    Tel/Fax: +387 33 668-683, 668 - 685, 668 - 687

    E-mail: nejra@cps.edu.ba
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    Global Supplementary Grant Program


    The Scholarship Programs are pleased to offer supplementary grants to
    students from selected countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the
    former Soviet Union. The purpose of the program is to enable qualified
    students to pursue doctoral studies in the humanities and social sciences at
    accredited universities in Western Europe, the Middle/Near East, Asia,
    Australia, and North America.

    Grants will be awarded on the basis of academic record, merit of the
    proposed study, applicant's long-term goals, and financial need. The grants
    will provide supplemental funding for one year of study with the option to
    apply for a second year. Reapplication procedures will be outlined in the
    2005/2006 application form. Renewal grants will be competed with the general
    pool of applicants and are not guaranteed. Only students who have been
    accepted into a full-time doctoral (Ph.D.) program at an accredited
    university are eligible to apply.

    Grants are provided to help cover costs in one of the following categories:

    a.. Tuition and fees ­ not to exceed 50 percent of tuition and fees per
    academic year;
    b.. Living expenses ­ students who have succeeded in funding their
    tuition, either through scholarships or tuition wavers, are eligible for
    housing and living funds;
    c.. Other ­ students who have secured all necessary funds but cannot
    afford additional expenses, such as travel to/from their host country,
    books, materials, health insurance, etc., are eligible for additional funds.
    Grants will not be provided to cover expenses in all three categories. Only
    those students with confirmed financial support will receive grants.

    In addition, in no case may an applicant request grant assistance for the
    support of an accompanying child or spouse.


    1. Candidates must be nationals of one of the following countries: Albania,
    Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia,
    Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Romania,
    Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and

    2. Members of the Roma community are encouraged to apply;

    3. Candidates must be under 40 years of age at the time of application;

    4. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in the spoken and written
    language of their host institution;

    5. ONLY those students who have already been awarded partial or full
    tuition, room and board stipends, or other types of financial aid may apply.

    Applicants must provide the fullest possible account of their actual
    financial situation including copies of financial aid requests to the host
    university and any other documents confirming additional financial support.
    False statements will result in immediate disqualification.

    Application and Deadlines
    Click here for access to application forms in PDF format..

    The envelope containing an application for the 2004/2005 academic year must
    be postmarked on or before:

    For students pursuing Ph.D. in North America, Asia, and Australia: April 2,

    For students pursuing Ph.D. in Western Europe and Middle/Near East: June 4,

    Applications should be mailed to the address below or to local Soros
    foundation offices:

    Global Supplementary Grant Program
    Open Society Institute
    400 West 59th Street, 4th floor
    New York, NY 10019

    Contact information for additional questions about the program:
    Email: scholar@sorosny.org<br />Tel: 1-212-548-0175
    Fax: 1-212-548-4652

    Please include any information you feel may be helpful in the evaluation of
    your application. Grantees will be required to maintain full-time student
    status throughout the period of the fellowship and to abide by the terms and
    conditions outlined in a contact letter signed by the grantee.

    1. These awards support doctoral studies in social sciences and humanities
    only. Requests for support in the following fields will not be considered:

    a.. business administration/management training;
    b.. computer science;
    c.. finance/banking/marketing;
    d.. engineering;
    e.. hard and natural sciences (physics, biology, chemistry, etc.)
    f.. mathematics;
    g.. medical sciences;
    h.. fine or performing arts.
    2. Applications for study in the student's home country or within Central
    and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, or for non-doctoral study,
    language preparatory, and summer school courses, will not be considered.

    3. Students with permanent resident status and asylum seekers in the host
    country are not eligible to apply. Only those with valid student visas in
    the host country are eligible to apply.

    4. Late applications will be automatically disqualified.

    A Word on Selection
    Students are selected in an open competition announced once a year. A team
    of experts (the GSGP Board) makes all grant decisions based on quality of
    the application, written essays, academic records, and future goals.
    Preference will be given to students pursuing advanced studies in regionally
    relevant areas that will directly benefit the quality of academic and civil
    society development in their home country. Decisions of the Selection
    Committee are final.

    Applicants should send one copy of the following documents including an
    official or university translation if language is other than English.

    1. Curriculum Vitae (CV should include complete work history,
    extra-curricular activities, academic awards and publications).
    2. A copy of the official letter of admission from the academic institution
    (if not available, explain why);
    3. Copies of all undergraduate and post-secondary school records (new
    applicants only);
    4. The official letter informing the applicant of the details of the
    scholarship or financial aid award (if separate from item 2 above) and/or
    any other documents confirming additional support.
    5. A copy of the identification pages of your passport.
    6. Copy of your visa (students in the United States should also enclose copy
    of their I-20 or DS-2019).
    7. Two academic reference letters from professors who have direct knowledge
    of the applicant's work and abilities.

    NOTE: Omission of one or more of the documents mentioned above renders an
    application incomplete and may result in disqualification. In the event that
    a document becomes available only after the submission of an application,
    applicants are asked to indicate this in their applications and send the
    missing document as soon as possible.
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    Master ne Zvicer per studime Evropiane:

    Die Universität St.Gallen bietet ein berufsbegleitendes, bikontinentales
    Masterstudium im Europäischen und Internationalen Wirtschaftsrecht an. Der
    Lehrgang mit acht einwöchigen Studienblöcken, verteilt über 18 Monate, beginnt
    am 28. Juni 2004 (der Zusatzblock 1 am 13. Mai 2004). Zurzeit haben wir noch
    Studienplätze frei und möchten auch TeilnehmerInnen aus de

    Das Studium richtet sich an AkademikerInnen mit Berufserfahrung. Die
    KandidatInnen haben bereits auf dem Gebiet des internationalen Wirtschaftsrechts
    gearbeitet oder haben entsprechende Pläne. Sie verfügen über eine mehrjährige
    Praxiserfahrung und bringen diese in den Lehrgang ein. Zusätzlich sind
    ausreichend Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse erforderlich. Ca. 50% der
    Vorlesungen werden auf Deutsch gehalten, wobei alle schriftlichen Arbeiten
    Hausarbeiten, Diplomarbeit) wahlweise in beiden Sprachen eingereicht
    werden können.

    Der Executive M.B.L.-HSG nimmt sich besonders der Förderung von Studierenden aus
    den EU-Beitrittstaaten an. Zu diesem Zweck wurde der Stipendienfonds OST
    eingerichtet. Ein Stipendium umfasst grundsätzlich EUR 22.000.-, was der
    Studiengebühr enspricht. Studierende mit Stipendium müssen somit selber für
    Reisekosten und Logis aufkommen. In besonderen Fällen kann der Fonds auch
    Beiträge zur Deckung der Zusatzkosten zahlen. Informationen zum Studium und
    Bewerbungsunterlagen sind online abrufbar unter www.mbl.unisg.ch -&gt; Studium.

    Bewerberinnen und Bewerber haben folgende Unterlagen beim Studienleiter
    (andreas.ziltener@unisg.ch) einzureichen:

    - Bewerbungsformular
    - Zeugnisse (Kopie)
    - Motivationsschreiben (begründeter Antrag für ein Stipendium)
    - evt. Empfehlungsschreiben

    Universtität St.Gallen
    Executive M.B.L.-HSG
    Andreas Ziltener
    Dufourstrasse 59
    CH-9000 St.Gallen

    Tel. +41 71 224 26 16
    Fax. +41 71 224 26 11
    Web. www.mbl.unisg.ch
    E-Mail. andreas.ziltener@unisg.ch
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    Postgraduate Research Programme: Capital Markets and Finance in the Enlarged Europe

    During the past two decades the Central and Eastern Europe was a place of
    deep political change. A change from a centrally planned economy to a free
    market economy resulted in almost the complete rearrangement of local
    capital markets. The main goal of the Postgraduate Research Programme is
    the analysis of these new financial markets, especially with respect to the
    EU enlargement expected in the near future.

    The Postgraduate Research Programme started its teaching and research
    activities on October 1st, 1999. It is financed by Stiftungsfonds Deutsche
    Bank im Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

    Every year there are 5 doctoral scholarships and 1 post-doctoral scholarship available. The selection procedure for the academic year
    2003/2004 has already been completed. Applications for the next academic
    year 2004/2005 should be submitted by May 1st, 2004.

    Application information and forms are available at:
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    PHD Position in Parallel Computing

    Candidates who are knowledgeable in software engineering and interested
    one or more of the following areas are encouraged to apply:

    - Programming paradigms and methods for distributed/parallel systems
    - Performance modeling and analysis for distributed/parallel systems

    Please contact
    Prof. Thomas Fahringer
    Mail: Thomas.Fahringer(at)uibk.ac.at
    Phone: +43 (0)512 / 507 6441
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret


    EES would like to bring your attention to the next deadline for
    receipt of Short-Term Scholar applications and supporting materials:
    June 1, 2004. Applicants will be notified approximately one month
    later. For more details, please read below or look at our website:
    www.wilsoncenter.org/ees. Completed applications should be mailed to
    the following address:

    East European Studies
    The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
    One Woodrow Wilson Plaza
    1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20004-3027

    These grants are available to American academic experts and
    practitioners, including advanced graduate students, engaged in
    specialized research requiring access to Washington, DC and its
    research institutions. Grants are for one month and do not include
    residence at the Wilson Center.

    Project Scope
    Projects concerning East European or Baltic studies should focus on
    fields in the social sciences and humanities including, but not
    limited to: Anthropology, History, Political Science, Slavic
    Languages and Literatures, and Sociology.

    Russia and the Soviet successor states, as well as the former East
    Germany, are excluded from consideration. All projects should aim to
    highlight their potential policy relevance.

    Application Information
    To apply for a Short-Term award, the applicant must submit the
    - a concise description of his/her research project;
    - a curriculum vitae;
    - a statement of preferred and alternate dates of residence in
    Washington, DC;
    - two letters or recommendation in support of the research to be
    conducted at the Center.
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    keto deget e bukura qe jane siper ne usa tre cereku s'ka pune per to-- e kam fjalen per shkencat shoqerore. dhe po gjetet pune , perqindje vogel fare , rrogat jane minimale. 30-40 dollare ne vjet. inxhinierite po ato hane buke vec.
    po ti perdoresh ato diplloma ne tirane apo shqiperi nuk e di si eshte tregu.
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    Advertisement for a Research Fellow:
    Quantifying Fidelity for Virtual Environment Simulations employing Schema Assumptions
    Department Of Informatics, University of Sussex, UK

    Fixed term for 23 months – appointment available immediately.
    The Department of Informatics, University of Sussex, UK wishes to invite applications for the full-time post of Research fellow working on a
    project entitled “Quantifying Fidelity for Virtual Environment Simulations employing Schema Assumptions”. This is a joint, 2-year collaboration between the Department of Informatics University of Sussex (Dr Katerina Mania), the Department of Experimental Psychology University of Bristol (Prof. Tom Troscianko), collaborating with Hewlett Packard Laboratories
    Bristol (Dr Rycharde Hawkes). This post is based at the University of Sussex in Brighton, in close collaboration with the University of Bristol
    and communication with Hewlett Packard Laboratories in Bristol.
    The objectives of the project are:
    Conducting experimental studies that will test specific hypothesis related to schema activation (memory research) in computer graphics worlds of
    varied rendering photorealism. Schemata are knowledge structures based on past experience. When participants are exposed to a large amount of information in a scene, cognitive psychologists have suggested that schemata are used to guide the search for information in memory. For example, if a quick visual scan of a room indicates that there is a clock on the wall, hands may be assigned to it at a memory test, even though this particular clock does not have hands. The results obtained in these experiments will be used to target graphics resources in a
    demonstrably efficient manner – an object-based rendering engine or a simulation of an engine is going to be implemented which will incorporate more rendering detail according to the degree of association of an object with the schema
    in context.

    This rendering system is going to be validated psychophysically, in comparison to a fully-fledged rendering solution. The major deliverable on this work is a technique which assesses functional realism in an entirely novel way, and can lead to an efficient use of graphics resources by rendering only those objects to a high level which require detailed inspection, and vice versa.

    The Department of Informatics is a multidisciplinary, dynamic, and creative department within the School of Science and Technology in the University of Sussex, UK. The Department of Informatics was recently formed from a subset based on the former School of Engineering and IT together with a subset of the former School of Cognitive and Computing
    Sciences (COGS). Both Schools were awarded a grade 5 in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise, confirming their world-class reputation in
    The researcher of this post will be a member of the Centre for VLSI and Computer Graphics, a designated EU Marie Curie training centre. The
    group currently consists of five academic staff and at least 12 research staff and doctoral students. You should have a PhD in a relevant subject area ranging from computer graphics, virtual environments, human computer interaction, human factors or have equivalent experience.

    £18,893 – £28,279 p/a

    Starting salary will be no higher than £21,852

    Closing date for receipt of applications is 4th June 2004.

    Interviews are due to take place on the 21st June 2004.

    Informal enquiries about this post may bedirected to Dr Katerina Mania at
    Application details (Ref 614) are available from and should be returned to
    the Human Resources Division, Sussex House, University of Sussex,
    Brighton, BN1 9RH. Tel 01273 678706, Fax 01273 877401,
    email &lt;mailto:recruitment@sussex.ac.uk&gt;recruitment@sussex.ac.uk.
    Details of all posts can be found via the University website:
    An Equal Opportunity Employer

    Dr Katerina Mania
    Department of Informatics
    University of Sussex, UK
    Falmer, BN1 9QT Brighton, UK

    T: +44 1273 678964

    Ambjentet universitare jane shume te mira si ne Sussex, ashtu edhe ne Bristol. Fellowshipi do behet ne Bristol, ku jane dhe zyrat e Hewlett Packard, keshtu qe ato 23 muaj pervec se jane te paguara, jane dhe nje eksperience pune me nje nga kompanite me te fuqishme te informatikes. /pf/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    University of Sheffield – SEERC Doctoral Programme

    In March 2003, the University of Sheffield, UK and CITY Liberal
    Studies, Thessaloniki, Greece established the South East European
    Research Centre (SEERC) based in Thessaloniki. SEERC's mission is to
    support the stable development of South-Eastern Europe by conducting
    pure and applied multi-disciplinary research in and for the region.

    As part of this initiative the University of Sheffield is offering a
    number of fee waivers for full or part-time postgraduate students to
    undertake research based at SEERC in Thessaloniki leading to the award
    of the degree of PhD of the University of Sheffield. The Programme
    provides for research training and joint supervision by CITY Liberal
    Studies and Sheffield staff together with the use of dedicated research

    Students applying for full time positions on the programme must have an
    excellent academic record and should possess a Masters Degree. Part
    time students are expected to be mid-career professionals with strong
    educational and professional backgrounds. Applicants for part time
    positions MUST submit proposals that demonstrate a clear linkage
    between their current work and their PhD topic.

    Topics eligible for Full or Part Time fee waiver include:
    Political Risk in Foreign Direct Investment in South-Eastern Europe
    Creating and using spatially disaggregated microdata for urban,
    regional and social policy analysis in South-Eastern Europe (GIS)
    Migration challenges and solutions in South-Eastern Europe
    The changing role of media in South-Eastern Europe

    Further detail on the eligible topics to be applied for and information
    on how to apply are available at www.seerc.info.

    Fee waivers are also available for mid-career professionals interested
    in pursuing a Ph.D. on a Part Time basis in one of the following areas
    of study:
    The social and political dimensions of EU accession in South-Eastern
    Economic development and business activity in South-Eastern Europe
    Regional IT Policy and Computer Science Research in South-Eastern
    Cultural change in South-Eastern Europe
    Health risk behaviour in South-Eastern Europe

    Individuals interested in these Part Time opportunities MUST contact
    SEERC’s Director, Dr. David A. Stone at dstone@seerc.info or
    ++30-2310-253-477 for further information before applying.

    CLOSING DATE: June 14, 2003
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    Aalborg University’s Faculty of Humanities hereby invites applications
    one doctoral scholarship (PhD) affiliated to the SPIRIT doctoral school
    within the Institute for History, International and Social Studies. The
    scholarship is available from February 1, 2005, and has a duration of

    SPIRIT is an interdisciplinary doctoral school for the systematic study
    themes and theoretical issues related to the intertwining of the
    transnational and intercultural processes in the contemporary world.
    Particular emphasis is given to the following thematic areas: · Global
    Markets and Organisations, e.g. projects concerning international
    communication or international organisational culture · Identity,
    and Culture, e.g. projects concerning national identities and
    · Regions, Cultures and Institutional Change, e.g. projects concerning
    regional governance and identities · Politics, Ideas and International
    Change, e.g. projects concerning the relationship between ideas,
    and policy in the development of the EU.

    Application deadline: 30 August 2004

    For further information please see:

    Julie Larsen
    Aalborg University
    Fibigerstraede 2
    9220 Aalborg East

    Phone: +45 96 35 71 95
    Fax: +45 98 15 11 26
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    Fellowships available for Internet course in the Netherlands

    Jul 09, 2004

    Journalists can apply for fellowships to attend a course in the Netherlands on using the Internet for research, publication and distribution of news.

    The Radio Netherlands Training Center (RNTC) will conduct the course from May 9 to June 17, 2005. Full scholarships covering travel,
    accommodation and course fees, are available for journalists from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Macedonia, and Mongolia.

    Applicants should be mid-career broadcast journalists with a secondary or professional education and at least three to four years of media experience. Applicants must also have a good command of both written and spoken English and basic computer skills.

    Before applying for a fellowship, candidates must apply directly to the RNTC to attend the course. Course applications are due October 1.
    Should they be accepted, candidates will receive a conditional letter of acceptance, after which they can apply for the fellowship.

    Fellowship applications must be received in the Netherlands by January 1, 2005, but fellowship officers at Dutch embassies or consular posts
    in the applicant’s country may need up to a month in advance to process the application.

    Course information and application forms are at http://www.rnw.nl/rntc/ICBJ_2005.html
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    The newly-launched Transatlantic Graduate Research Program
    (Graduiertenkolleg) Berlin -New York, funded by the German Research
    Foundation (DFG) and associated with the Technical University in
    Berlin, Germany, offers

    12 Doctoral Scholarships
    2 Postdoctoral Scholarships

    for research projects on the “History and Culture of Cities in the 20th Century.” By addressing the full range of Metropolitan and Urban Studies, the program seeks to integrate various disci-plines including History, History of Art, European Ethnology, Literary and Media Studies, Political and Social Sciences, Urban Development and Town Planning, Urban and Architectural Sociology, as well as Cultural Semiotics. The fellowships are awarded for up to three years, starting January 1, 2005.
    The Transatlantic Graduate Research Program is run by a joint consortium of three Berlin universities - Technical University, Freie Universität, and Humboldt University - and two New York universities, Columbia University and New York University. The program seeks to initiate interdisciplinary and comparative research on European and North American urban and metropolitan areas. Research projects may focus on the metropolis' ability both as a cultural and material construction to reflect tensions between integration and separation, between iden-tity and diversity, as well as between innovation and tradition. Emphasizing a transatlantic focus, the cities of Berlin and New York will receive particular attention.
    For more information on potential research topics and a list of professors collaborating in the network, visit the web-site:

    Commitment: The Transatlantic Graduate Research Program distinguishes itself through joint teaching and joint supervision by assigning fellows an academic advisor from Berlin and a New York counterpart. Closely affiliated with the Technical University's Center for European Urban History during the initial grant period, the core program consists of interdisciplinary seminars, colloquia and workshops, and includes an obligatory six-months study abroad. The fellows are expected to reside in Berlin and to participate actively in the intellectual life of the program, taking advantage of the rich resources of all universities involved.
    Deadline: The deadline for application is September 3, 2004. In the second half of September, short-listed candidates will be invited to present their projects in Berlin.

    Eligibility: Candidates are expected to submit a curriculum vitae, an academic record proving scholarly excellence, and a 10-page research proposal outlining the project to be pursued, including a schedule. Research projects should address the program's
    core themes. Applicants are required to present a degree qualifying for graduate study as
    doctoral student. Working languages are German and English.

    Terms of Grant: Fellowships are awarded for up to 3 years. Doctoral
    will receive a
    stipend of 1,000 Euro per month; postdoctoral fellows will receive a
    stipend of 1,416 Euro per
    month. Family allowance can be granted if applicable. For one of the
    postdoctoral fellowships,
    applicants with a pronounced interest and skill pertaining to the
    methodology and theory of
    Metropolitan Studies will be preferred.

    Application: Applicants are asked to send in a cover letter, curriculum
    vitae, list of publica-tions,
    research proposal, copies of the certificates of academic
    held, and two let-ters
    of recommendation from academic teachers.

    Applications should be addressed to:
    Prof. Dr. Heinz Reif
    Technische Universität Berlin
    Institut für Geschichte und Kunstgeschichte
    TEL 17-3
    Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7
    10587 Berlin
    or via email to reif@stadtgeschichte.tu-berlin.de<br />
    For more detailed information on the program and the application
    please contact
    Prof. Dr. Heinz Reif/Dr. Oliver Schmidt (Ph.D., Harvard Univ.), tel.
    (30) 314 23867.
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret



    The New Europe College - Institute for Advanced Study - in Bucharest
    (Romania) announces the REGIONAL FELLOWSHIPS PROGRAM in the humanities
    and social sciences starting October 1, 2005.

    Targeted are researchers and academics (preferably young) from
    South-Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia,
    Greece, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova,
    Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, and Turkey), who are in the final
    stage of completing a Ph.D. program or who already have the Ph.D.

    Duration of the Fellowship: one term or a full academic year (10
    a) October through February, b) March through July, or c) October
    through July.

    Location: the New Europe College in Bucharest.

    The Fellowship consists of: a monthly stipend (basic stipend of 460
    EURO - tax free), accommodation, a one-month research trip abroad to
    an institution of the Fellow's choice (2,560 EURO for transportation,
    accommodation, and per diem), international transportation to and from
    the home country of the Fellows at the beginning and the end of the
    Fellowship, as well as for season holidays.

    The Fellows are expected to work on a project to be published by the
    New Europe College after the end of the Fellowship (in English,
    French, or German), and to take part in the scientific events organized
    by the New Europe College (seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures
    held by foreign scholars, symposia, etc.).

    Working languages: English, French, and German. A good command of
    English is desirable.

    The deadline for sending the completed application is December 16,
    2004. The applications will be evaluated by an international
    commission and the final results will be announced in late February

    The application form and additional information on the Program and the
    New Europe College can be downloaded from:

    Contact person:
    Irina Vainovski-Mihai, Program Coordinator, Tel. +40-21-307 9910,
    Fax: +40-21-327 0774, E-mail: imihai@nec.ro
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    LSE/OSI/FCO Chevening Faculty Fellowship Programme
    &gt; Visiting Junior Fellowships 2004/05

    &gt; General Information for Applicants
    &gt; 1. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE),
    with funding from the Open Society Institute (OSI) and the Foreign and
    Commonwealth Office (FCO), offers up to ten individual grants for 3-
    month study visits at the London School of Economics and Political
    Science for junior/middle level faculty from Albania, Bosnia-
    Hercegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and FR
    Yugoslavia (Republic of Serbia, Republic of Montenegro and Kosovo
    province at present under UN administration).
    &gt; 2. Awards are for academic staff employed by the universities
    and higher educational institutions in the aforementioned countries
    specialising in social sciences. They are intended to enable
    prospective candidates to upgrade their teaching and research skills,
    teaching methods and curricula.
    &gt; 3. Prospective candidates:
    &gt; a. are nationals of and normally resident in one of
    the aforementioned countries at the time of applying for the award
    &gt; b. have held a teaching position at a university or
    higher educational institution in the country of residence for more
    than 2 years
    &gt; c. have a PhD or have submitted a PhD thesis
    &gt; d. are not older than 45 at the time of applying
    the fellowship
    &gt; 4. Each award will provide a stipend for living expenses
    sufficient for a single Fellow, return economy airfare and book
    allowance. The costs of health insurance will also be covered by the
    grant. On completion of the fellowships, faculty are expected to return
    to their home country.
    &gt; 5. Junior fellows who manage to develop collaborative research
    and/or teaching activities with their LSE counterparts will be eligible
    for the renewal of the grant.
    &gt; 6. Every application must comprise:
    &gt; a) four completed copies of the
    Application Forms &lt;
    http://www.lse.ac.uk/Depts/global/ApplicationVisitingFellowship.pdf &gt;
    &gt; b) an outline of proposed course
    and research proposal
    &gt; c) applicant&gt; '&gt; s CV
    &gt; d) 2 reference letters sent directly to
    the LSE/OSI/FCO Administrator at the address below
    &gt; Completed application forms should be submitted by registered post
    e-mailed to reach the LSE at the address below
    &gt; LSE/OSI/FCO Administrative Officer
    &gt; Centre for the Study of Global Governance
    &gt; Room M207
    &gt; London School of Economics
    &gt; Houghton Street London WC2A 2AE
    &gt; United Kingdom
    &gt; e-mail: i.p.rangelov@lse.ac.uk<br /> &gt;
    &gt; Short- listed candidates will be required to attend an interview.
    costs of travel for the interview will be covered by the grant awarding
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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret



    announces a

    Call for applications for MA, PhD and DSP studies at the Central
    European University in Budapest.

    The deadline for application is January 6, 2005.

    For information on the program and the offered grants and financial
    aid please visit our homepage ( http://www.ceu.hu/nation).

    With questions regarding the program or the admission process please
    turn to Szabolcs Pogonyi, the program coordinator (pogonyi@ceu.hu)


    The Nationalism Studies Program was established at Central European
    University by the late Ernst Gellner with the goal of promoting the
    study of nationalism in the post-communist countries of Central and
    Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The aim of the program
    is to engage students in an empirical and theoretical study of
    issues of nationalism, self-determination, problems of
    state-formation, ethnic conflict, minority protection and the
    related theme of globalization. Drawing upon the uniquely
    supranational milieu of Central European University, it encourages
    a critical and non-sectarian study of nationalism.

    Students are encouraged to engage in an interdisciplinary study of
    nationalism, a subject that is inherently and fundamentally
    interdisciplinary. For this reason, the international teaching
    staff has been assembled to represent a wide range of disciplinary
    expertise relevant to the study of nationalism including history,
    social theory, economics, legal studies, sociology, anthropology,
    international relations and political science. The program offers a
    wide selection of courses that provide a complex theoretical
    grounding in problems associated with nationhood and nationalism
    combined with advanced training in the methodology of applied
    social science. Additional courses focus on placing problems of
    nationalism in the context of economic and political transition as
    well as constitution building in post-1989 Central and Eastern
    Europe with a comparative outlook on regime transitions outside the
    The Master of Arts degree in Nationalism Studies is registered by
    the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York
    (US) for and on behalf of the New York State Education Department.
    The faculty of the Nationalism Studies Program includes Mária M.
    Kovács, András Kovács, Michael Miller, Will Kymlicka, Shlomo
    Avineri, Rogers Brubaker, Yael Tamir, Donald Horowitz, Michael
    Stewart, Erica Benner, Walter Kemp, Selim Deringil, Rainer Bauböck,
    Marsha Rozenblit, Tibor Várady, Victor Karády, Florian Bieber,
    Zoltan Milkósi, Júlia Szalai and Panayote Dimitras.

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    Re: Bursa per shqiptaret

    Sa keq qe s'me terheq public policy, por kjo bursa duket shume terheqese /pf/images/graemlins/smile.gif

    Harvard University - The Kokkalis Fellowship Program
    Application deadline: January 7, 2005

    The Kokkalis Program strives to provide individuals committed to
    invigorating the public sector in Southeastern and East-Central
    Europe with educational opportunities to explore effectual and
    pioneering means of governance. For this reason, it awards
    fellowships to enable individuals from the region to pursue one
    of the following Master's degrees at the John F. Kennedy School
    of Government, Harvard University:

    Master in Public Policy (MPP)
    Master in Public Administration (MPA2)
    Master in Public Administration in International Development
    Master in Public Administration/Mid-Career (MPA/MC)

    Eligible to apply for the Kokkalis Fellowship Program are
    natives of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia,
    Gr eece, Hungary, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,
    Moldova, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, and Turkey, who are
    applying to one of the following degree programs at the John F.
    Kennedy School of Government: Master in Public Policy (MPP);
    Master in Public Administration (MPA2); Mid-Career Master in
    Public Administration (MC/MPA); Master in Public Administration
    in International Development (MPA/ID).
    Applications are not accepted from natives of countries other
    than those stated above.

    Candidates should hold an undergraduate degree recognized by
    their native state and an academic and/or professional
    background in one of the following fields: social sciences,
    public policy and/or administration, the non-profit sector, law,
    economics, business, or work experience in related fields.
    All applicants should demonstrate a strong commitment to public
    service and the region of Southeastern Europe.

    More information
    Website: http://www.ksg.harvard.edu/kokkalis/fellowships.html

    Location: Cambridge, MA
    Deadline: Jan 2005
    Website: http://www.ksg.harvard.edu/kokkalis/fellowships.html

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