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    PhD in Information Retrivial and Text Mining, CH

    Fully Funded PhD Positions in Information Retrieval and Text Mining

    The Faculty of Informatics of the University of Lugano (USI) in
    is actively expanding its research into information retrieval and text
    mining from news archives, news streams and blogs and is looking for
    versatile, highly motivated PhD candidates.

    The successful candidates will build on the Faculty's ongoing research
    directed by Prof. Fabio Crestani and will help define and explore this
    exciting area of research.

    Applicants must have a strong background in Computer Science and/or
    related areas (e.g. Mathematics, Statistics or Engineering with strong
    emphasis on Computer Science) and excellent skills in both written and
    spoken English, as the working language of the Faculty is English.

    Informal inquiries about these vacancies can be sent to Prof. Fabio
    Crestani (fabio.crestani@unisi.ch).

    For applications see: http://www.inf.unisi.ch/education/phd/.
    Applications will be accepted until positions are filled, although
    maximum consideration will be given to applications received by April
    30, 2007.
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    Fully-funded EPSRC PhD Studentship, UK

    Fully-funded EPSRC PhD Studentship / Scholarship
    at the University of Birmingham, UK

    Title: Study of fitness landscapes arising from software
    engineering problems.


    As modern software systems grow larger and more complex, there is an
    increasing need to support the software engineer with better
    techniques. Recent research in the field of search based software
    engineering (SBSE) has demonstrated that a wide range of problems in
    software engineering that traditionally have been solved manually, can
    be reformulated as optimisation problems. Such a reformulation opens
    up the possibility of applying meta-heuristic search algorithms to
    automatically find good solutions to the original software engineering
    problem. This approach has been taken on SE problems from different
    stages in the software development cycle, including planning, design,
    testing and maintenance.

    The existing methodology in SBSE is predominately experimental. Such
    results often give inconclusive answers to fundamental questions in
    e.g., which algorithm should be applied to a particular problem, and
    to construct algorithms that are more suited to a particular problem?
    We need more in-depth studies into the characteristics of SE problems
    appropriate algorithms to solve them.

    The Candidate

    In this project, the successful applicant will study and characterise
    fitness landscapes arising from SE problems, e.g., through statistical
    visualisation techniques. In doing so, the applicant
    will draw upon and extend advanced landscape characterisation
    methodology from diverse fields, including evolutionary computation,
    biology, chemistry and physics. This research will
    complement ongoing theoretical research in the group on the
    runtime analysis of evolutionary algorithms on SE problems.

    The successful applicant must have at least a 2.1 or above degree in
    science or a closely related field. We do consider outstanding
    applicants from
    mathematics, physics and engineering as long as they have sufficient
    science background. A good knowledge of optimisation is required,
    a good understanding and practical experience with modern
    including evolutionary algorithms, estimation of distribution
    simulated annealing and others. The successful applicant must have
    programming skills and knowledge of software engineering. S/he must be
    excellent team player who can work independently and communicate well

    The Studentship / Scholarship

    Duration: Up to three years (subject to satisfactory progress).
    Payments: Living expenses: minimum GBP12,500 per year tax-free;
    plus tuition fee fully paid.
    Eligibility: Open to European Union/United Kingdom applicants only.
    Deadline: Until the post is filled.

    How to Apply

    For more information on the PhD programme at Birmingham:

    For technical enquiries only: Prof. Xin Yao (x.yao@cs.bham.ac.uk)
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    PHD in Multimedia Information Retrivial, Norway


    The Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI) in the
    Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical
    Engineering (IME), The Norwegian University of Science and
    Technology (NTNU) offers a PhD research fellowship within the
    area of multimedia information retrieval, with a focus on
    context-oriented storage, indexing and retrieval of images.

    The position is part of the CAIM (Context-Aware Image Management).
    CAIM is a research project supported by the Research Council of
    Norway, and is a cooperation between NTNU, University of Tromsø,
    University of Bergen and Telenor R&D in Tromsø. The CAIM project
    focuses on research and the development of tools for context-
    aware image management, where image description, query formulation,
    retrieval from heterogeneous distributed environments, and ranking
    are designed for using context information. An objective in the
    CAIM project is to design a system that is flexible enough to
    support context-aware image management for a vide variety of
    applications. For more information on the CAIM project please
    refer to http://caim.uib.no/.

    Further information on this fellowship can be obtained from Associate
    Professor Heri Ramampiaro, Phone +47 73 59 14 59 or +47 990 27 656,
    email: heri@idi.ntnu.no and/or Head of Department Professor Kjell
    Bratbergsengen, Phone +47 73 59 34 39,
    email: kjell.bratbergsengen@idi.ntnu.no.

    The PhD fellowships are placed in Norwegian salary code 1378, gross
    NOK 321 300 per year (approx. EUR 40 235 or USD 53 500).

    The Norwegian tax system is complicated. A rule of thumb is that
    one pays between 28 - 35% tax on gross income. Because of this tax
    level, the public health care system is among other free, and there
    is normally no need for private health care insurances. Education on
    all levels (including Ph.D.) is also free.

    Daily expences and housing is expensive in Norway. Housing normally
    costs between NOK 4000 (for a simple one bed studio with kichenette,
    possibly shared bathroom) and 8000 (for a 3-4 piece apartment
    suitable for a small family) per month.

    The application should as a minimum include the following:
    - Curriculum Vitae
    - Complete list of publications
    - Certified copies of diplomas awarding the relevant degree(s)
    - The most important publications/papers (max 10)
    - A statement about the relevance of your background for the CAIM

    Applications should be sent to
    The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical
    NO-7491 Trondheim, NORWAY.

    Applications should be marked IME-012.

    The envelope must be stamped no later than the application closing date
    (yyyy-mm-dd): 2007-05-15. Please notify one of the contact persons by
    e-mail if the application is expected to arrive more than 2 days after
    the closing date.


    The full announcement can be found at
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    Undergraduate and MA on Gender, Sexuality and Soc

    Interested in the study of gender and sexuality?

    The University of Amsterdam offers an undergraduate (Dutch and English)
    and a Masters programme (English) on Gender, Sexuality and Society (GSS)
    in the field of the social sciences.

    Gender and sexuality studies are devoted to enhancing our understanding
    of the differences among certain groups of women and certain groups of
    men - as well as between women and men - in an era of globalization and
    transnational migration. A range of social distinctions among and
    between women and men, and the particular forms of agency available to
    them, are grounded in their ethnic and religious identities, age
    categories, class location, sexual orientation, or access to political
    power. These distinctions produce different experiences and entitlements
    in civil society and citizenship; they endow most human beings with
    contrasting perspectives on their options in the environment in which
    they live, work, and forge social and sexual bonds. This scholarly
    endeavor represents a systematic attempt to address structurally
    embedded prescriptions concerning gender relations and sexual behavior
    on a par with other analytical variables such as class, ethnicity,
    religion, age, or political ideology.

    The programme on Gender, Sexuality and Society aims to integrate the
    social and cultural imperatives that shape gendered identities and
    sexual relationships into the normal research repertoire of social
    scientists. Accordingly, in the programme students will learn how to
    incorporate a multi-disciplinary and transnational approach. The
    historical and comparative dimensions emphasized in the majority of the
    courses train the student to analyse issues in society and culture from
    various perspectives and to put them in their wide-ranging sociological,
    political and cultural contexts. The programme on Gender, Sexuality and
    Society provides the student with a solid theoretical, conceptual, and
    methodological foundation in the social sciences. The combination of
    empirical studies with theoretical reflection and reading will provide
    the intellectual tools and abilities that students need to better
    understand, analyse and cope with the world's contemporary problems and

    The Universiteit van Amsterdam has a sophisticated, experienced and
    international oriented teaching staff, a well built network of experts
    outside the university, specialized libraries and archives, and a
    student network. Expertise in gender and sexuality studies has been
    developed since their incipience in the late 1970s. The staff employs an
    interdisciplinary perspective, having specializations in sociology,
    anthropology, history, political science, and philosophy. This lively
    and colourful academic community is, above all, based in a city that is
    famous for its liberal sexual attitude and knows many interesting spots
    for people who are interested in the field of gender and sexuality.

    See http://www.ishss. uva.nl/ <http://www.ishss. uva.nl/>

    For questions and more information, please contact the programme
    managers Heleen Straesser H.M.Straesser@ uva.nl
    <mailto:H.M.Straesser@ uva.nl> (undergraduate) and Machteld Rijsingen
    M.vanRijsingen1@ uva.nl <mailto:M.vanRijsingen1@ uva.nl> (graduate)
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    Re: Undergraduate and MA on Gender, Sexuality and

    Faculty of Social Studies
    Masaryk University in Brno
    Czech Republic

    is offering
    Postdoctoral Fellowships in Social Sciences
    for the Academic Year 2007/2008

    This programme is designed to promote mutual openness, understanding,
    and co-operation among university teachers and researchers in the social
    sciences in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

    September 2007 to June 2008 (9 or 10 months)

    The programme is designed for young researchers and teachers in the
    social sciences field. Applicants must:

    * be Ph.D. graduates at the time of taking up the fellowship;
    * be under 37 years old;
    * have the ability to prepare and lead a course at the
    undergraduate level and have at least some experience in conducting such a
    course in the following social sciences fields: international relations
    and European studies, media studies and journalism, political science,
    psychology, social work and public policy, socially-oriented
    environmental studies, sociology, social anthropology, gender studies;
    * have completed at least a three-month stay at a Western
    university or research institute.

    We offer

    * a fellowship equivalent to Ph.D. graduate salary per month
    for the length of the stay;
    * accommodation;
    * office space at the Faculty with a personal computer and
    free internet connection and e-mail;
    * a stimulating environment supporting mutual co-operation
    with fellows at the Faculty of Social Studies.

    * teaching two one-term courses in the autumn and spring
    terms, at the undergraduate level. Courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences
    last 12 weeks with one two-hour block of classes or seminars per week
    for each course. The proposed courses must fit the university curriculum
    in any of the mentioned disciplines. Proposals can be for courses on
    basic subject matter (basic theory of the discipline, historical
    overviews of the development of theory, methodological courses), as well as
    more specifically oriented courses relating to the applicant's interest
    and research orientation;
    * openness to students' requirements and needs, and two
    regular consultation hours per week;
    * presentation of applicant's own research work at the
    lecturers' seminar once each term;
    * permanent presence in Brno with no planned absence exceeding
    four weeks for the duration of the fellowship, and organised in such a
    way as not to affect the teaching.

    Applications accompanied by

    * professional CV with complete list of higher education
    institutions, study and research visits, participation in grant projects,
    publications, and university courses taught;
    * offer of four one-term courses, with one-page syllabi
    covering the 12 lecturers or seminars for each of the courses including
    recommended literature;
    * a recommendation from one university lecturer;
    * information on the research project to be conducted during
    the fellowship.

    * deadline for submission

    April 30, 2007

    Mailing address
    Masaryk University
    Faculty of Social Studies
    Office for International Relations
    Jo¹tova 10
    602 00 Brno
    Czech Republic

    E-mail: int@fss.muni.cz

    Web: http://www.fss.muni.cz/Eng
    (click on Postdoctoral Fellowship for details and applications)

    All communication as well as the teaching itself will be conducted in

    The final decision will be made based on the suitability of the
    proposed teaching and research project as well as on the qualifications and
    availability of the applicant to carry out teaching and research within
    the strict time-limit of the Fellowship. Applicants will be informed of
    the selection committee's decision by May 20, 2007.

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    e-Network of Academia in Social Sciences (e-NASS)

    Scientia est potentia
    Aþk imiþ her ne var âlemde / Ýlim bir kýyl-ü-kâl imiþ ancak

    The e-NASS, outnumbering 3800 subscribers, aims to deepen interaction
    for further inter/intra/trans/multi-disciplinary communication within
    the academic community of scholars, professionals and students from all
    branches and subdisciplines of social sciences. The language of
    communication at e-NASS is English, however, contributions in other languages
    are highly welcomed should they include an abstract in English. This
    e-network enthusiastically encourages its members to disseminate and share
    any valuable announcements of Call for Papers,
    Fellowships/Scholarships, Conferences, Graduate Programs, Websites, Publications, Summer
    Schools, Jobs, Internships and etc. Thus, if you have any scholarly
    announcement concerning social sciences, please do not hesitate to share it
    within this e-community. The e-NASS is essentially generalist to revive
    renaissance wo/men with global and historical perspective covering from
    the mist-shrouded steppes of Central Asia to the sun-drenched European or
    north and south American shores neighbouring choppyatlantic but neither
    neglecting the oasis-ornamented Middle East and enchanting exotic Far
    East nor the rugged-mountains of Balkans and Caucasus. This e-network
    discourages any form of discussion or commercial advertisement. In order
    to protect its subscribers vis-à-vis the virus-spreading, hoax and spam
    e-mails, e-NASS is strictly moderated while e-mails
    containingattachments are automatically removed. When forwarding e-NASS announcements to
    your friends and other e-groups, signifying e-NASS as the source will
    be highly appreciated as extent of your courtesy.

    Murat Cemrek, PhD
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    Master ne Freie Universitat Berlin

    Join EES online – one of Germany ’s top international master’s programs
    Looking for an award winning master’s program? Longing to reconcile further studies with job and family life? How about studying the new way: online?

    See whether East European Studies online fits into your life and career planning! The accredited multi-disciplinary two-year program offered by Freie Universität Berlin deals with disciplines like Politics, Sociology, Economics, Law, and Humanities, Intercultural Communication, Project Management, Conflict Management – all in an East European perspective - as well as cross-disciplinary issues like Migration, Globalization, and European Union. EES online is a full-time Master of Arts program awarding 120 ECTS. Language of instruction is English.
    In 2006, two renowned German organizations for science and teaching, namely Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and the German Academic Exchange Service, named EES online as one of Germany 's Top Ten International Master Programs. EES online is the only online program and one out of five social sciences programs to receive this recognition. EES online was also awarded the Freie Universität Berlin 2006 e-learning prize. With this award the FU presidency recognizes a high engagement in teaching as well as an exemplary use of e-learning.
    Main admission requirements are:
    - a first university degree
    - fluency in English (e.g. TOEFL)
    - basic knowledge of an East European language.
    Tuition amounts to 3,450.00 EUR per year plus the regular Freie Universität Berlin registration fee of 175.00 EUR. Costs arising from the four obligatory in-house classes in Berlin are at your own expense. The fifth run of the program will start in October 2007. The application deadline is April 30th, 2007.
    Visit the East European Studies online website at www.ees-online.org.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us at ees@zedat.fu-berlin.de
    EES online

    FU Berlin | Osteuropa-Institut | Garystr. 55 | 14195 Berlin | Germany
    Tel: +49 (0)30 838 54033 / 54970 | Fax: +49 (0)30 838 53616
    ees@zedat.fu-berlin.de | www.ees-online.org
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    PHD in Politics at the University of Birmingham UK

    UK: Research Scholarships in Politics, University of Birmingham

    University of Birmingham Department of Political Science and
    Postgraduate Research Scholarships

    The Department is offering two scholarships of 10,000/year for 3 years
    new applicants starting a PhD research degree in the Department of
    Science and International Studies, 2007/8

    Deadline for Applications: 1 May 2007

    For details on areas of supervision, please consult our website

    Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

    academic merit of the proposal

    academic qualifications

    academic references

    English language qualifications

    Any prior teaching experience will also be taken into account. Further
    enquiries contact Professor Daniel Wincott on d.wincott@bham.ac.uk


    The 10,000 scholarship comprises two parts:
    a) A lump sum scholarship component of approximately 6500 per year
    b) A component of approximately 3500 per year comprising income from
    Graduate Teaching Assistant duties. These duties will consist of four
    of teaching per week during term time, two office hours per week during
    time, and examination and coursework marking duties. Specific rates of
    and conditions will be specified by contract.

    Applicants will be expected to apply to external sources of funding
    also; if
    they are successful, they will be expected to take up the external
    rather than the University of Birmingham scholarship.

    The scholarship competition is open to Home, EU and International
    studying on a full time basis.

    Existing Postgraduate Research students in the Department of Political
    Science and International Studies at the University of Birmingham are
    eligible to apply.

    A scholarship committee comprising the Head of Department, Director of
    Graduate School, Director of Postgraduate Research and the Research
    Director, will select the successful applicants. Applicants may be
    to participate in a telephone interview. The decision of the committee
    cannot be appealed.

    Successful applicants will be informed in writing in mid-June.

    For more information, please visit the official announcement.
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    research scholarship in Vienna


    Stipendium zur Absolvierung eines Forschungsaufenthal tes am Institut
    fuer Osteuropaeische Geschichte der Universitaet Wien fuer
    Nachwuchswissenscha fter und Nachwuchswissenscha fterinnen aus dem
    Bereich ‚Geschichte Suedosteuropas'

    Die Universitaet Wien vergibt fuer die Zeit von 1. Oktober 2007 bis
    31. Jaenner 2008

    ein 4-monatiges Stipendium zur Durchfuehrung von Forschungsarbeiten
    an der Albanien-Bibliothek am Institut fuer Osteuropaeische
    Geschichte an der Universitaet Wien

    Zielgruppe: Bewerbungsberechtig t sind Buergerinnen und Buerger der
    Republik Albanien, des Kosovo und der Republik Makedonien, die zum
    Zeitpunkt der Antragstellung ihren Wohnsitz in einem der drei
    genannten Territorien haben.

    Bewerbungsvorausset zungen:
    Ausgezeichneter Studienerfolg [Mindestvoraussetzu ng: 6 absolvierte
    Gute Deutschkenntnisse
    Konkretes Forschungsvorhaben im Bereich der Geschichte und Kultur der
    Albaner in Suedosteuropa einschließlich der Beziehungen zu
    benachbarten Voelkern fuer den Forschungsaufenthal t am Institut fuer
    Osteuropaeische Geschichte der Universitaet Wien

    Bewerbungsunterlage n:
    eine ausfuehrliche Beschreibung des wissenschaftlichen Vorhabens, das
    waehrend des Forschungsaufenthal tes an der Universitaet Wien
    durchgefuehrt werden soll.
    ein Motivationsschreibe n, in dem dargelegt wird, aus welchen Gruenden
    die Kandidatin/der Kandidat ihren/seinen Forschungsaufenthal t an der
    Albanienbibliothek bzw. einschlaegigen Forschungseinrichtu ngen
    (Archiven, Bibliotheken) der Universitaet Wien absolvieren und wie
    sie/er am akademischen Leben/an Lehrveranstaltungen etc. teilnehmen
    Ein ausfuehrlicher Lebenslauf mit Angabe einer postalischen
    Zustelladresse, Telefonnummer und E-Mail-Adresse
    Nachweis der Deutschkenntnisse
    Universitaere Zeugnisse bzw. Abschlusszeugnis des bisherigen Studiums
    Kopie des Passes
    Eine ExpertInnenkommissi on am Institut fuer Osteuropaeische
    Geschichte nimmt eine begruendete Reihung der BewerberInnen vor und
    schlaegt dem Vizerektor fuer Lehre und Internationales der
    Universitaet Wien eine/einen Kandidatin/Kandidat en + eine/einen
    Ersatzkandidatin/ en zur endgueltigen Auswahl vor. Die BewerberInnen
    werden vom Resultat der Auswahl verstaendigt.

    Die Stipendiatin/ der Stipendiat erhaelt fuer die Deckung des
    Lebensunterhaltes in Wien ein Stipendium in der Hoehe von € 1000.-
    pro Monat fuer den Zeitraum von max. 4 Monaten. Mit diesem Stipendium
    sind alle durch den Stipendienaufenthal t entstehenden Kosten zu
    Einreichfrist/ Einreichstelle:
    Bewerbungsunterlage n sind bis spaetestens 15.5.2007 per E-Mail oder
    per Post (es gilt das Datum der E-Mail bzw. des Poststempels) an
    folgende Adresse zu senden:

    Prof. Dr. Oliver Jens Schmitt
    Institut fuer Osteuropaeische Geschichte der Universitaet Wien
    Spitalgasse 2, Hof 3
    A-1090 Wien

    Tel.: + 43 1 4277-411 18
    Fax: + 431 4277-9411
    oliver.schmitt@ univie.ac. at

    Die Bewerbung kann per Post oder per E-Mail [falls
    Bewerbungsunterlage n wie Passkopie, Zeugnisse etc. nicht scannbar
    sind, muessen sie per Fax oder per Post gesendet werden] erfolgen.
    Falls die Bewerbung per Post erfolgt, muss dies in einem E-Mail bis
    spaetestens 15.5.2007 angekuendigt werden.
  9. StudimeGjermani

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    Bursa per Shqiptaret

    Informacion i detajuar: http://germany.iha-info.org/
    Kosto: Vetem per pervetesimin e gjuhes Germane ne Gjermani (Studimi: FALAS)

    Kushtet e aplikimit: Te keni njohuri paraprake te gjuhes gjermane, te keni mbaruar shkollen e mesme te pergjithshme ose vitin e pare te universitetit me note mesatare jo me pak se 8.5. Per me teper informim ju lutemi te adresoheni tek perfaqesuesit ne Shiperi.

    I.H.A. dhe German Humanitarian Assistance e.V. mer perisper te ndihmoje dhe ti asistoje studenteve shqiptare qe jane te interesuar te kryejne studimet e larta ne Gjermani nepermjet “Programit te Studimit te Larte per Studentet Shqiptare”. Ju mund te kryeni ne Studime ne Gjermani ne degen dhe universitetin qe ju pelqen, Studime Pasuniversitare (Master, Doktorature, Specializim etj), Studime te Pjesshme.

    German Humanitarian Assistance e.V. ka bere te tera marveshjet ligjore te nevojshme dhe si pasoje merr persiper ligjerish ti asistoje studenteve Shqiptare te studjojne ne Gjermani ne cdo dege, universitet dhe per cdo nivel kualifikimi.

    Diplomat e universiteteve Gjermane njihen dhe vleresohen shume ne mbare boten nga punedhenesit dhe institucionet akademike. Duke u krahasuar me skemat nderkombetare, kjo mundesi qe German Humanitarian Assistance e.V. ju ofron konkuron te tere tregun apo “biznesin” e arsimit te larte. Duke kryer studimet universitare ne Gjermani ju kurseni 100% te pageses per universitetin dhe mbi 50% te shpenzimeve te jeteses. Pervec kesaj ne perfundim te studimeve tuaja ju do keni pervetesuar dhe perfeksionuar nje gjuhe te huaj, gje qe eshte avantazh ne karrieren tuaj te metejshme. Ju do t’ju kushtoje vetem nje shpenzim fillestar per Kursin e Gjuhes Gjermane.
    Studimi ne universitetet Gjermane behet ne gjuhen Gjermane, prandaj eshte kerkese e detyrueshme qe ju te njihni gjuhen gjermane. Kete vit kursi i Gjuhes Gjermane do te kryhet ne qytetin universitar Jena, Gjermani. Te tere librat, broshurat dhe materjalet e fotokopjuara apo te printuara gjate kursit jane falas. Ne perfundim te kursit te gjuhes ju duhet te demostroni njohuri te mjaftueshme te Gjermanishtes nepermjet nje Testimi i cili ju lejon qe te kryeni kursin parapergatitor universitar te Studienkolleg.
    Gjithashtu ne ofrojme edhe kurse afatshkurtra te gjuhes Germane. Kohezgjatja minimale eshte 4 muaj. Pagesa e Kursit te Pjesshem do te llogaritet ne baze te totalit te Oreve Akademike per te cilat ju keni nevoje.
    German Humanitarian Assistance e.V. mer persiper tju informoje deri ne pajisjen tuaj me vize-gjuhe si edhe kryerjen e formaliteteve te nevojshme burokratike qe do ju nevojiten. Viza e Gjuhes anullohet dhe zevendesohet me vize-studenti ne Zyren e te Huajve, Gjermani nese ju deshironi te ndiqni Studienkolleg menjehere pas testimit te Gjuhes Gjermane.
    Per me teper informacion klikoni ne http://germany.iha-info.org/ ose na kontaktoni ne adresen:

    * Perfaqesia ne Shqiperi: Zj. Denis Fejzaj

    Adresa: L.17, Rr. Prokop Sorra
    Libraria Blue Star (tek staioni i trenit)
    Durres, Albania
    Tel. 00355-68-29-33249

    Orari i pritjes: E hene deri e shtune, 15.00 - 17.00
    E diele, 10.00 - 12.20

    I lutemi te interesuarve qe te aplikojne vetem pasi te informohen nga perfaqesuesit ne Shqiperi. Aplikimet direkt ne Gjermani nuk pranohen. Ju falenderojme per mirekuptimin. /pf/images/graemlins/booki.gif <font color="red"> </font> <font color="red"> </font> <font color="purple"> </font>
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    Re: Bursa per Shqiptaret

    LL.M in Public Law and Human Rights Graduate Scholarship (2007/08)

    Scholarships for Studies and Expenses

    Scholarship/ Financial aid: Full for selected students
    Deadline: 11 June 2007
    Open to: Students that hold an undergraduate degree in law or
    comparable degree and are nationals of the countries listed under the
    heading „Eligibility Requirements" . Additional information is also
    available at: http://www.rgsl. edu.lv.

    Terms of Announcement:


    The Riga Graduate School of Law announces Scholarships for an LL.M
    degree with a specialization in Public International Law and Human
    Rights funded by the Open Society Institute (OSI). Eligible students
    currently are being recruited to apply for the Riga Graduate School of
    Law (RGSL) Scholars Programme. The programme provides expertise in
    Public International Law and Human Rights and also offers courses in
    private European Law. The programme is competitive and very
    prestigious. The Programme is based at the RGSL located in Riga,
    Latvia. It is open to all persons who hold an undergraduate degree in
    law or a comparable degree, such as political science or international
    relations, or will be awarded a degree prior to admission to the
    programme. The 2007/08 Scholars Class starts on 3 September 2007.

    The purpose of these scholarships is to support students who have
    demonstrated academic excellence in law or a comparable field of study
    and have a demonstrated commitment to work in the field of public law,
    human rights, or public service.


    Scholarships are available to students from Russia, Byelorussia,
    Ukraine and South Eastern Europe and Central Eurasia regions (see
    eligible countries below). Each scholarship recipient will receive
    amount covering tuition and fees for the LL.M study programme. An
    additional scholarship is allocated to travel, accommodation and
    incidental education expenses. Students granted a scholarship must
    write their master's thesis in the field of public international law
    or human rights. Priority will be given to students who commit to work
    in any of the following areas upon completion of the program: human
    rights, public law and public service. Furthermore, RGSL seeks to
    recruit students who have worked within an organization with which OSI
    has a relationship already, or students who are willing to work with
    such an organization upon completion of the program. In the
    application, students are required to provide specific detail on their
    expectations work in a related field upon completion of the program.


    Applicants must:

    (1) Satisfy standard RGSL entry requirements (with respect to
    educational background and English proficiency) ;
    (2) Have experience in the fields of public international law or
    human rights for a minimum of one year;
    (3) Indicate in the application: current place of employment and
    specify in detail the applicant's plan to return to work in the field
    of public service after completing the LL.M programme.
    (4) Eligible countries:
    1) Russia;
    2) Byelorussia;
    3) Ukraine;
    4) all countries listed in region of South Eastern Europe: Albania,
    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova,
    Montenegro, Romania and Serbia;
    5) all countries listed in region of Central Eurasia: Armenia,
    Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan,
    Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.
    Application process Checklist

    Submit the following by 11 June 2007:

    • the completed Application Form;
    • a 2 (two) recommendation letters from a professional or academic
    contact describing the applicant's academic record, achievements and
    activities (research, community service, and programme development) in
    Public International Law, Human Rights or related discipline;
    • a personal statement from the applicant that describes the insights
    he or she gained from achievements and activities (research, community
    service, and programme development) in Public International Law or
    Human Rights. Limit is two pages, 1,5 spaced (Times New Roman).

    Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    Applications for RGSL Scholars Programme are available on-line
    through: http://www.rgsl.edu/ lv.
    By mail: Riga Graduate School of Law, Alberta iela 13, Riga LV 1010,
    Telephone: +371 703 206, +371 703 200.
  11. alinos

    alinos Forumium maestatis

    Re: Bursa per Shqiptaret

    Joint Masters Degree English and American Studies for the Alps Adriatic

    Decide for one of the consortium partners as your home university and apply

    The two-year English-taught Joint Degree Program in English and American
    Studies for the Alps Adriatic Region is aimed at highly motivated students
    with a background in English and American Studies and a strong record of
    academic success. It offers specialized academic training in English and
    American Studies focusing on the three core topics of literature,
    linguistics and cultural studies. The universities in the consortium
    (Bamberg, Graz, New York, Pecs and Venice) are working together to guarantee
    a high quality international curriculum with regional aspects.

    Students interested in the program apply to one of the consortium partners
    as their home university, and will be able to draw on the expertise and
    focus of all the partners in the context of the joint degree program as well
    as a summer school that will be offered on an annual basis to allow students
    to further specialize and gather additional ECTS. The mobility semester can
    be spent at any of the partner institutions as well as at Roehampton
    University / UK an associated partner

    At the successful completion of the program students will be awarded a
    jointly conferred master degree automatically recognized in the countries of
    all consortium partners.


    Degree: Joint Master's Degree "English and American Studies for the Alps
    Adriatic Region" (Master of Arts)

    Partners: Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg / Germany, University of Graz /
    Austria, University of Venice / Italy, University of Pecs / Hungary and the
    City College New York / USA; associated partner: Roehampton University / UK

    Credits: 120 ECTS credits

    Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

    Mobility: at least 1 semester = 30 ECTS Credits at partner university

    Language of instruction: English

    Start of the program: academic year 2007/08

    Costs: enrolment fees according to the universities' regulations.

    Financial support: The participating universities may offer a certain
    number of grants for mobility.

    Deadline for application is May 15th (receiving date)

    More information and application forms available at: http://internationa l
    uni-graz.at/ aajdeas/ (for contact details and application
  12. eniad

    eniad Forumium maestatis

    Re: Bursa per Shqiptaret

    The European Education Directory

    A Guide to Graduate Programs in Arts, Business, Engineering, Humanities, Management, Science

    You want to study Web 2.0, eCommerce, Digital Media and Ubiquitous Computing?
    The Master of Science in Digital Media will prepare you to design knowledge for the Digital Age. At ISNM International School of New Media the curriculum covers the versatile field of New Media: from cutting-edge research methods to the applications of latest technologies. Your own research projects will train your creativity to join digital and interactive media technologies with commercial and cultural applications.

    ISNM International School of New Media offers its Master of Science in Digital Media in cooperation with the University of Lübeck. The course has a duration of 24 months and is completely conducted in English. Tuition fee for the entire programme is € 14.600 for EU citizens and € 18.600 for non-EU citizens. Scholarships are available.

    To start your postgraduate studies at ISNM you need
    &gt;a Bachelor degree or an equivalent qualification;
    &gt;to proof excellent English language skills;
    &gt;to have profound knowledge of computer applications and the Internet.

    Professional work skills are helpful, but not mandatory.

    Application deadline for the Master programme starting 1 October 2007: 31 May 2007. To apply and for more info please visit http://www.isnm.de or contact us at admissions@isnm.de
  13. alizee

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    Re: Bursa per Shqiptaret


    kush ka informacione sesi mund te aplikohet per studime ne france, eshte i lutur t'i publikoje.

  14. alinos

    alinos Forumium maestatis

    PHD ne Ekonomi ne Angli


    mirëpresin aplikime për :


    Aplikantët duhet të jenë qytetarë shqiptarë e me banim në Shqipëri.

    Aplikantët duhet të kenë rezultate të shkëlqyera akademike dhe të kenë njohuri të mira të gjihës angleze. Ata duhet të jenë pedagogë ose të merren me punë kërkimore në një institucion akademik ose organizatë që merret me punë kërkimore.

    Bursa mbulon shpenzimet për tarifat akademike në Universitetin Staffordshire, shpenzimet e jetesës (vetëm për një person), dhe shpenzimet e udhëtimit. Bursa zgjat për 4 vjet. Çdo vit studenti do të shpenzojë 3-4 muaj në Universitetin Staffordshire dhe pjesën tjetër në institucionin e vendit të tij. Pas mbarimit të bursës, studenti duhet të kthehet në vendin dhe institucionin e tij.

    Për më shumë informacion si dhe për formularët vizitoni faqjen tonë: www.soros.al

    ose të na vizitoni pranë zyrave tona me adresë:

    Rruga “Qemal Stafa”, Pallati 120/2, Tiranë.
    Tel: +355 4 2234621/234223/235856,
    Fax: +355 4 2235855 e-mail : ibakshevani@osfa.soros.al

    Dokumentacioni përkatës duhet dorëzuar pranë zyrave të Fondacionit deri më dt. 25 Janar 2010. Dokumentacioni duhet dorëzuar në dy kopje (origjinale dhe fotokopje të dokumentacionit në dy zarfa të veçantë).
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    CfA: Master of Arts Programme In European Studies, Lund University

    Dear Balkan group,

    I wanted to let you know about this new program in European Studies that
    will begin in September 2010 at Lund University, Sweden.

    The Master of Arts Programme In European Studies MAPES is a two-year
    program, taught in English, targeting both humanists (historians,
    linguists, cultural studies) and social scientists (political
    scientists, sociologists, journalists and PR specialists) who want to
    build knowledge about Europe and apply it iin practical circumstances
    related to European Union's culture, values and identity politics.

    The prpgram is hosted at Lund University, the leading research
    university in southern Sweden with a tradition in education that goes
    back to 1666.

    An additional advantage is that there are no tuition fees attached to
    the programme, including for students applying from outside the European

    Hope this will be of interest!

    MAPES at a glance

    Program duration: 2 years
    Application period: Non –EU students: December 1 - January15; EU
    students (including Swedish): March 15 – April 15
    Application portal: www.studera. nu
    Code: LU-28660
    Degree: Master of Arts in European Studies
    Language of instruction: English
    Career opportunities: project managers in European institutions, experts
    on European Union’s cultural and identity politics, consultants in
    publishing, translation and media businesses directed to a European
    audience or dealing with cross-cultural communication
    Further information: http://www.sol. lu.se/europastud ier
    Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook .com/europastudi er

    Best regards from Lund,

    Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, Ph.D.
    Program Coordinator, European Studies
    SOL, Absalon 416
    Lund University
    Box 201, 221 00
    Lund, Sweden
    ++46-(0)46-222- 8823 (office)
    ++46-(0)768- 075528 (mobile)
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  17. P.N.SH

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    Sa shume informacion qe paska.
    Ja shkoni ne FRance pastaj ne Ne SHBA.
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    Epo bota eshte bere nje fshat i vogel.Informacionet qe lexojme ne ne internet lexojne edhe amerikanet edhe popoll freng.
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